Welcome to DGSOFTWARE Notatio Antiqua

Notatio Antiqua is designed for the use with LuaLaTeX and gregorio, a system for typesetting gregorian chant scores. Its main purpose is to help you typeset these scores if you know only gregorio, but not LaTeX, or for making the process of getting a PDF out of a gregorio score only by editing the gabc file. The information for the creation of the PDF is taken from the gabc file header, like this is done in the online form at http://gregorio.gabrielmass.com/cgi/process.pl. Also, it supports syntax highlighting for an easier editing of gabc files and some wizards for the input of special commands and characters.

Testers warmly welcome

For now the programme seems to work in all relevant fields, but I can not find every little problem on my own computer. So if you are interested in making Notatio Antiqua better, please send me some feedback. You can also use the mailing lists created for these purposes:

For users: see https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/notatioantiqua-users.

For developers: see https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/notatioantiqua-devel.

Thank you for all comments and feedback!


Developers warmly welcome

If you find you have spare time to offer and have some experience with the Qt framework and C++, you are warmly welcome to contact me and help with developing Notatio Antiqua.

Send me a message.